1. People Who Don't Realize 'The Colbert Report' Is Satire Want It Cancelled Over Asian Joke →

    We have an epidemic of right wing political correctness in this country that dwarfs even the imagined exegeses of left wing political correctness.

  2. Actual proof that Cultural Marxism exists →

    Johnny Porkpie leads the Marxist indoctrination at Marxfest.

  3. Hubble Telescope Sends Back Annoying Stream of Selfies →

    Despite NASA’s repeated instructions to the Hubble to look for evidence of water on distant planets, the telescope continued to produce more and more self-portraits, posting them to its Instagram and Twitter accounts along with the hashtag #pimpin.

  4. Rand Paul submits his first column to Breitbart.com →

  5. If Libertarians went to heaven

    If Libertarians went to heaven

  6. Blood-Soaked Mayor Bloomberg Announces Homelessness No Longer A Problem In New York City →

    Drenched in drying blood and limping slightly, New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg triumphantly stated this morning that the city’s longstanding homeless problem had finally been solved. “Homelessness is over—it’s not a problem anymore,” a winded Bloomberg said to a City Hall press conference while gripping the lectern tightly to prevent his hands from shaking. “I fixed the problem. Problem solved.” 

    The Onion. Wow. 

  7. Report: Gap Wider Than Ever Between Ultra-Rich And RealitySource →

    lead researcher Brian Dalton, explaining that the gulf separating multimillionaires from common, typically pervasive actualities such as financial hardship, spending limitations, hunger, want, doubt, discomfort of any kind, and consequences for their actions is now the largest since 1985

  8. borowitzreport: Kerry Shocked to Be Taken Seriously on Syria →

    Secretary of State John Kerry said today that he was “shocked and flabbergasted” that the Russians heeded his suggestion about Syria’s chemical weapons, telling reporters, “After four decades in public life, this is the first time someone has taken me seriously.”

  9. Obama Assures Americans This Will Not Be Another 1456 Ottoman Siege Of Belgrade #TheOnion →

    My administration and I will not repeat the mistakes of Sultan Mehmed II


  10. punctuation saves lives  The Importance of Punctuation! « Richard Wiseman

    punctuation saves lives The Importance of Punctuation! « Richard Wiseman