1. Kerry Claims U.S. Has Found a Moderate Syrian Rebel →

    Kerry said that the government’s successful identification of a moderate Syrian rebel was a major victory that should silence critics of the U.S.’s strategy in Iraq and Syria.

    Andy Borowitz doing a great job pointing out how mock-worthy the moderate rebel strategy is.

  2. Obama dishonors the US Presidential office by wearing a tan suit →

    Obama said that he only wears blue or grey suits so as to avoid having to make yet another decision during his hectic schedule. But now it seems he has changed his mind, and picking a suit is important enough to endanger our nation’s well-being.

    Are fashion crimes are impeachable offenses?

  3. Sharklumbo Is the Detective We Didn't Know We Needed →

    Kevin Pollack’s Peter Falk impression makes this whole thing work. Also, this take on Columbo’s classic “One more thing” bit is spot on. I guess it might be NSFW if you don’t like extremely poor CGI violence.

    Worth watching. Funny or die is what SNL should be.

  4. Unused LotR Audio Commentary By Howard Zinn And Noam Chomsky →

    Chomsky: We should examine carefully what’s being established here in the prologue. For one, the point is clearly made that the “master ring,” the so-called “one ring to rule them all,” is actually a rather elaborate justification for preemptive war on Mordor.

    I followed this from kottke. This is amazing. They capture Chomsky’s brilliance peppered with bullshit perfectly.

  5. Things Tim Howard Could Save (via Things Tim Howard Could Save - Imgur)

    Things Tim Howard Could Save (via Things Tim Howard Could Save - Imgur)

  6. Obama Signs Passive-Aggressive Executive Order →

    Telling Congress, “It’s O.K., I don’t mind doing everything myself,” President Obama prepared to sign a passive-aggressive executive order on Tuesday.

  7. National Funk Congress Deadlocked On Get Up/Get Down Issue →

    A classic. And still funny.

  8. People Who Don't Realize 'The Colbert Report' Is Satire Want It Cancelled Over Asian Joke →

    We have an epidemic of right wing political correctness in this country that dwarfs even the imagined exegeses of left wing political correctness.

  9. Actual proof that Cultural Marxism exists →

    Johnny Porkpie leads the Marxist indoctrination at Marxfest.

  10. Hubble Telescope Sends Back Annoying Stream of Selfies →

    Despite NASA’s repeated instructions to the Hubble to look for evidence of water on distant planets, the telescope continued to produce more and more self-portraits, posting them to its Instagram and Twitter accounts along with the hashtag #pimpin.